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       Ways to Help

  • Tip Your Groom-To help the unsung heroes of our show horse community, we want to encourage everyone to help support the support team that makes your showring appearances possible, your grooms! If you are able, reach out to your barn managers, trainers, or instructors and ask how you can help make sure the grooms are taken care of and supported during these trying times. #TipYourTeam



  • Feed Your Favorite Lesson Horse- Lesson horses are not just the foundation of your riding abilities, but they are often the backbone of the barn business. If you are looking for a way to help a lesson horse in your life reach out to your barn today and make a contribution to go towards the care, feed or supplies needed to provide your favorite lesson horse the best care while barns are closed to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. #LessonHorseLove



  • Adopt a Lesson Horse- Maybe there are no lesson horses at your barn, but you'd still like to help sponsor one. We've compiled a list of lesson barns that are in need of sponsors. Please contact the barns directly if you'd like to help. If you want to add a barn to the list please send us an email. #LessonHorseSponsor



  • Buy a Round for the Barn- Our barns may be closed to the public, but the dedicated trainers, instructors, and staff are reporting daily to take care of our beloved horses. Normally we may be going to Saturday Barn Family lunches or at a horse show buying a well-deserved dinner for our dedicated grooms. Let's not forget them during these days of social distancing call your barn and find out what afternoon you can support them and another local business by ordering delivery! #FeedYourBarnFamily

  • Support a Horse Show Super Hero – Horse shows don’t happen without the miracle workers on the management and support teams. Show managers, secretaries, paddock managers, announcers, photographers, videographers, and more make careers out assuring everything is in perfect order to allow us to do what we love. While we don’t have shows to go to right now, their entire businesses are put on hold. If you are able, reach out to your favorite smiling face from the horse shows and see how you can support them. They tirelessly dedicate their talents to helping us have great events, and horse show memories. Let’s commit what we can to helping them.

  • Support a vendor contributing to the JLC Horsemen's Relief Fund

    • Schatzberg Photo, Rick Osteen Photography and Osteen-Schatzberg Photo

      • We, at Howard Schatzberg Photo, Rick Osteen Photography and Osteen-Schatzberg Photo, realize it is an extremely difficult time for our horse industry, particularly for those professionals facing income loss due to cancellations and postponements of horse shows. We have been in contact with representatives from UPHA and The Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund and they have assured us they are working on plans to assist those in need. In order to assist the efforts of these organizations we will be donating 10% of all sales through, and for 60 days as well as 10% of all sales from the Carousel Charity Horse Show to be divided between the two organizations to assist those professionals impacted by the effects of this unprecedented situation.

    • Magic Media Equine Promotions

      • During this difficult time, Magic Media Equine Promotions is donating 10% of all proceeds to the JLC Horseman’s Relief Fund from April 1-April 15! Horses for Sale can be added to our website for free to our website for free until April 15! We are all in this together! Contact Madge Bass 502-299-8253,

    • Keen Works #SaddlebredStrong T-Shirts​

      • ​We are selling this t-shirt as a promotion during this time of crisis with COVID-19. Many horse trainers including ourselves are shutting down their barns and closing their lesson programs to the public. This causes great strain to instructors and trainers as the cost and overhead continue even as the profit and cash flow stops. Horses who had jobs still need to be fed and cared for regardless of their cost. We are offering this promotion as a fundraiser. 50% of the profits will be donated to the United Professional Horseman's Association to go to their efforts to help horsemen and women get through this trying time. The more t-shirts we order the more will go to the UPHA as the cost of printing will go down the larger the order we put in. Link to purchase t-shirt available here

    • ​If you are business that is offering a special or percentage contribution to benefit COVID-19 relief efforts please send the information to so we can include here.

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