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2021 Hurricane Relief

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The Joint Leadership Council (JLC) comprised of leadership from the American Hackney Horse Society, American Morgan Horse Association, American Road Horse and Pony Association, American Saddlebred Horse Breeders Association, and the United Professional Horsemen’s Association, received strong financial support from our show horse community in response to the pandemic.  Thanks to the generosity of donors and the equestrian community the JLC Fund and the UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent fund distributed over $86,600.00 in aid to members in need because of the impacts of the pandemic on their business.  The UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent fund is a long established program to assist the UPHA Professional members, of two-plus years before application, in need of financial assistance due to injury, illness, or natural disasters.  However, there are horsemen within our trotting breeds that do not meet the membership requirement that need our support. 

The Joint Leadership Council is offering financial support to those not meeting the UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund requirements to assist horse trainers, instructors, caretakers, and other industry service providers such as horse show staff, who are financially distressed with an immediate need in funding expenses after the recent hurricane activity.  The JLC recognizes quick direct financial support is critical for the immediate care of horses and the continuation of their equestrian businesses.  Applicants can only apply to ONE fund.  Applicants must be a member in good standing as of September 1, 2021, of any of the JLC affiliated organizations listed above.  Grant applications will be accepted until October 31, 2021.

  • UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund Grant Application (for current UPHA Professional Members of 2+ years)​

    • ​UPHA Professional Members that meet the minimum two consecutive years of active membership requirement need to apply for aid using the UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund Application. 

  • JLC Horsemen's Relief Fund Grant Application (for non or new UPHA Members)

    • ​Horse trainers, instructors, independent contractors, and other members who are financially distressed, such as horse show staff, that do not meet the minimum two-year active UPHA Professional membership criteria for the UPHA Dewey Henderson Benevolent Fund, you will need to apply using the JLC Horsemen’s Relief Fund Application.

Allocation of funds will be determined based on the number of applications submitted, the degree of need described, and the amount of available funds. Funding will be based on the applicant's undue hardship, loss of revenue, and expenses over and above insurance relief. The JLC Relief Fund Review Panel will review the grant applications and make a recommendation regarding the distribution of funds. 

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